About Us

I am Aman Lakhnotra Founder of Electric Scooter India


I love electric vehicles and started the journey to provide accurate knowledge to electric vehicle lovers. I started blogging in 2017 and now love spreading the correct information to the user.

Aman Lakhnotra Run Digital Marketing Company

Now I run a digital company Vtaltech Specializing in WordPress website creation, website SEO, Google Ads, social media ads, and various online services. Also, run a Youtube channel.


My education BA degree and completing a diploma in computer software, and hardware programming. Additionally, a one-year certificate in Accounts Telly Software.

Work Experience

Aman Lakhnotra Product Manager at Sunnergy Systems for 2 years, contributing to renewable energy advancements. 1 year as an Accountant at Aqua Polymers. Currently running the digital marketing company, Vataltech.


Two people work with me on this website and we aim to provide the user with correct information about the product.

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Feel free to contact me anytime on Instagram and Email: [email protected]

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