Eblu Feo Electric Scooter Battery, Range, Top Speed, Price, Review, and Booking

Eblu Feo Electric Scooter Review

Eblu Feo electric scooter comes with many good features and the design of the e-scooter is amazing. This scooter has become very popular among people in a short time. The company has taken excellent care of the advanced safety and comfort. The range of the scooter is going to be 110 kilometers and the top … Read more

6 Best 20 mph Electric Scooter With Seat Under $500

Phantom motor Scooter Brakes

I am sharing with you the 6 best 20 mph electric scooters. Many features are available in this scooter and the cheapest 20 mph electric scooter is priced under $500. The scooter has been given a good brake system while taking full care of your safety and is comfortably designed for urban people. If you … Read more

Top 10 Seated Electric Scooters for Adults, Review, and Price

10 Best Seated Electric Scooter For Adults

Small electric scooters for adults can be ridden only while standing. However, now people understand that a seat is necessary to travel, and people still need the best electric scooter for heavy adults. That is why many companies have launched seated scooters for adults. I am going to tell you the Seated e-scooter information in … Read more

Jetson Omega Electric Scooter For Kids Review, Range, Speed, Battery, and Price

Jetson Omega Electric Scooter

Jetson Omega Electric Scooter can be ridden by children above 8 years of age, which will make the ride comfortable for children. The weight limit of this scooter is 132 lb, which means that even heavy kids can ride the scooter easily. The Jetson Kids electric scooter has a range of 5 miles and a … Read more

27 Best Electric Scooters Without License in India Under 60,000 to 80,000

Electric Scooter India Logo

I have given the information on┬áthe 27 Best Electric Scooters in India. You will be able to use it without a license in India. Indian law is very strict and people below 18 years of age cannot ride vehicles in India. If you are caught riding, you will be fined and your vehicle may be … Read more

Techo Electra Emerge Price, Top Speed, Mileage, Battery, and Features Review

Techo Electra Emerge

The Techo Electra has launched three electric scooters that come with a lot of features. We’re gonna talk about Techo Electra Emerge. The Scooter range is 80 kilometers on a single charge and the scooter’s top speed is 25 kilometers. The company has mentioned these specs on its official website. But I will tell you … Read more