Best Polish For Activa | How to Polish Activa Dashboard

Many brands offer scooter and bike polish options, but for a lasting shine, I recommend AMWax. Its Activa polish keeps my scooter shining for about a month Activa polish priced under ₹300, it’s accessible. Apply after a thorough wash for a brand-new look, but avoid the seat.

There are many brands of scooter Activa polish and bike polish in the market. Still, the polish that I use for my Activa scooter, Bullet bike, and Verna Car is perfect and will keep your scooter shining for about a month, which is a perfect thing.

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All the users want the same thing and your scooter will have a completely new look, that will make you feel very good. Everyone will be surprised that your scooter is still brand new.

After polishing, my vehicle became completely new and everyone saw and asked that today the scooter look new and asked me for the name of the polish said that I should polish it only, it will remain new for about 1 month, after that, you Polish it again.

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AMWax Activa Polish Price

I am going to share with you, that you can polish all your vehicles and give them a new look. The name of the polish is AMWax. Activa dashboard polish comes at a very minimal price under ₹ 300 only.

Best Polish AMWax
Best Polish AMWax

How to Polish Activa Dashboard

To give a new look to the scooter, firstly, you have to wash the scooter with shampoo. It does not matter what brand of shampoo it is, after that, you have to wash the scooter as your scooter will dry.

You have to apply polish to it. With that, you can polish the scooter. Spread it on the rub and apply it wherever you want on the dashboard. Apply it well and apply it everywhere.

You should not apply the polish on the seat, otherwise you may fall off the scooter. If you polish the scooter in this way, your dashboard polish for scooty will be brand new.

Activa Scooty Polish Liquid Spray

This polish comes in liquid form and you can apply it by spraying it on any type of your choice vehicle after that it will give a very good shine and a new look. Multipurpose Liquid Polish, perfect for cars, bikes, and interiors. Achieve a high gloss, long-lasting shine effortlessly with our spray.

AMWax Polish

How to Clean Activa

  1. Preparation: First of all, take a bucket, and fill it with water.
  2. Cloth: Take a clean cloth so that you can clean the scooter properly.
  3. Soapy Solution: Put any brand of shampoo in it
  4. Detailing: Dirt or grime, use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the surface.
  5. Rinse and Dry: Rinse off the soapy residue with clean water, ensuring all soap is removed. Dry the Activia thoroughly with a clean.
  6. Polish: After that, you apply polish.


AMWax Activa Polish stands out. With its affordable price and remarkable results.

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Activa Polish Price

AMWax is the best polish, its price will be under ₹300.

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