Bird Flex Electric Scooter For Adults Review, Battery, and Price

Bird Flex Electric Scooter is a very good scooter. It is designed for adults and there are many good features in the scooter that provide a comfortable, smooth ride. It is a foldable scooter and provides good durability.

The best electric scooter for adults. The price of the scooter will be a bit higher. It is $300, which is a bit higher. The specification of this scooter is also quite good, so you can get a lot of benefits.

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Bird Flex Electric Scooter Specifications

There are many good features available on this scooter so that your riding experience becomes very good. It has a display so that you can see the top speed and range of your scooter, and battery status. LED lights which improve its night visibility. The 350-watt motor is available for smooth rides and for your safety, electromagnetic brakes have been provided on it so that the ride remains good.

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Bird Flex Electric Scooter Top Speed and Range

This scooter has a very good range and top speed. Talking about the range is 15.5 miles and the top speed of the scooter is 15 MPH the scooter has a foldable handlebar that you can fold and adjust anywhere.


The multi-functional LED display shows both the charge level and current speed, Users can easily monitor their battery status.


You will get a good experience on this scooter because of the 350W Brushless Hall Motor and some features of the scooter.


The scooter has white LED lights at the front and red LED back at night, so it will improve visibility.


The rear-wheel drum brakes or front-wheel electromagnetic brakes for efficient braking. The front spring suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride, ensuring stability and handling.


With the smart battery system, the device extends battery life, ensuring longevity and efficiency with battery specifications of 36V, 7.8Ah, and 280.8Wh.

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Bird Flex Electric Scooter Manual PDF Download

You can download the Manual here

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