Dynamo Electric Scooter Review and Road Price

In this era of electric vehicles, a new scooter has been launched named Dynamo Electric Scooter and its models include Alpha, Smiley, Infinity, VX1, RX1, and RX4 electric scooters.

People like all these new variants because the scooters offer a range of up to 200 km and the ex-showroom price of the scooter will be between Rs 82,000 to Rs 99,000 and you will get some special discounts.

New features are coming in the scooter which I am going to tell you about in this post.

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Dynamo Electric Scooter Quick Specs

Price75,000 -85000 (On Road Price)
Charging Time2-3 hr
Color5 colors available
Wheel Size Front12 Inches
Top Speed65 Kmph
Full-Charge Time3-4 hours
Wheel Size Rear12 Inches
Motor TypeBLDC Hub Motor
Front BrakeDisc Brake
Rear BrakeDrum
StartingSelf Start
DRL Head LightYes, Available

Dynamo Electric Scooter Price and Specifications


The price of the E-bike is going to be between Rs 75,000 to Rs 85,000. At this price some scooters are available, This scooter one single charge runs up to 200km, no other scooter like this has come on the market yet


Many features are seen in these models, like fireproof batteries, swappable battery options, a smart battery management system (BMS), GPS navigation, and cutting-edge technology.

There is a USB port on the front dashboard of the scooter which can charge your phone and the scooter has a digital screen. Speedometer, battery percentage, all these features are shown on the display and 2 people can sit comfortably on this scooter. There is a lot of space in Dicky. Well, you can keep a helmet on it.

Battery Capacity and Range

I am going to tell you the specs of Dynamo RX1 and RX4 which are new models of Electric Scooter. It has a battery of 2 kW battery and its battery gets fully charged in 3 to 4 hours.

The battery of the scooter has come with lithium batteries delivering 2-3 KW of power for fast charging power source of a scooter is electricity. The company claims that this scooter can go up to 200 km on a single charge.

Design, Features, and Portability

  • This scooter has come with two front DRL lights and along with it the headlamp is also available.
  • The scooter comes with 12-inch wheels size.
  • The design of the scooter looks very good which you can see in the video.
  • There is a bottle holder near the handle of the scooter
  • In the front scooter Type A USB socket, you can charge your phone.

Dynamo Electric Scooter Manufacturing

This scooter is being manufactured in Noida, Delhi and for some time it will start manufacturing in Ghaziabad and Mumbai very soon this company is going to open its 175 dealership distributor stores all over.


Dynamo Elеctric Scootеr еlеctric vеhiclеs, offering an imprеssivе range of up to 200 km, advancеd fеaturеs likе swappablе battеriеs, GPS navigation, and a slееk dеsign.

Manufacturеd in Noida, Dеlhi, with plans for еxpansion, it’s compеtitivе pricing, ranging from Rs 75, 000 to Rs 85, 000, Scooter high-spееd capabilities at 65kmph, Dynamo Elеctric Scootеr promisеs a sustainablе and convеniеnt futurе for commutеrs

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