7 Top Electric Scooter With Removable Battery, Price, Top Speed, Range, and Specs

Electric Scooter with Removable Battery
Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

I will tell you about the Best 7 Electric Scooter with Removable Battery. The scooter specs like top speed, range, battery, motor, and price of the scooter. In this post, I have shared some of the cheapest electric scooters with removable batteries in India.

Electric scooter with removable battery for adults. This is a perfect scooter for adults, which can lift weights 150 kg. There are many features in all scooters. that help make your ride easy and safe.

Electric Scooter with Removable Battery Price in India

Electric Scooter With Removable BatteryOn-Road Price
Hero Vida V1 Pro₹1,46,900
Okinawa i-Praise Plus₹1,59,462
Bounce Infinity E1₹1,13,791
Hero Electric Optima CX₹1,17,718 (2.0)
Simple Energy One₹1,59,245
iVOOMi S1₹77,348 – ₹1,31,417
BGauss C12i₹1,10,730 – ₹1,31,935

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Hero Vida V1 Pro & Plus Top Speed, Range, and Price

Hero Vida V1 Pro Review
Hero Vida V1 Pro Review

The Hero Vida V1 Pro electric scooter stands out with its innovative features and performance capabilities. The highlight of this electric scooter with a Removable Battery, allowing for convenient charging at home. Vida V1 Pro price is Rs 1,46,900 in Delhi.

The scooter offers a top speed of 80 km/ph and an impressive range of 110 km per charge. The acceleration from 0-40 km/ph in just 3.2 seconds showcases its agility.

The Vida V1 Scooter comes with 4 riding modes: Eco, Sport, Ride, and Custom. The scooter also comes with advanced features like keyless ignition, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and a dedicated mobile app for comprehensive control.

The powerful 3.94kWh lithium-ion dual battery setup ensures robust performance and a 3-year-old battery or 30,000 km warranty. The Vida Pro is a game-changer in the e-scooter market, offering a perfect blend of convenience, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

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Okinawa i-Praise Plus Top Speed, Range, and Price

Okinawa i-Praise Plus
Okinawa i-Praise Plus

The scooter comes with lots of features a powerful 2500W max power motor and 1000 W rated power, delivering a dynamic performance. Motor warranty covering 30,000 km or 3 years, The asking Okinawa i-Praise Plus price at Rs. 1,59,462 on-road in Bangalore. The company claimed a top speed of 58 km/h and This scooter gives a range of 139 km/h on a single charge.

The electric scooters with removable battery i-Praise 3-year battery warranty takes 4-5 hours of charging time and boasts sporty and sharp styling.

The i-Praise Plus is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic fork front suspension and a double shocker with dual tube technology rear suspension, ensuring a smooth ride.

The braking system includes an E-ABS with a disc front brake. With a seat height of 800 mm and a ground clearance of 175 mm, the scooter offers a comfortable ride.

Bounce Infinity S1 Top Speed, Range, and Price

Bounce Infinity S1
Bounce Infinity S1

The Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter With a Removable Battery is a versatile option offering innovative features and flexible purchase options. Bounce Infinity E1 Price Rs. 1,13,791 and E1 Limited Edition Rs. 1,25,788 both on-road prices in Bangalore.

The scooter gives a riding range of 85 km and a top speed of 65 km/ph, powered by a 1500 W motor. The Infinity E1 offers a lightweight yet sturdy design. The unique ‘battery-as-a-service’ subscription plan allows buyers to choose between purchasing the scooter with or without a battery.

The electric scooter features swappable battery technology, enabling convenient usage patterns and reducing running costs.

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Hero Optima CX Top Speed, Range, and Price

Hero Optima CX
Hero Optima CX

The Hero Electric Optima CX electric scooter is available in two variants Optima CX Price Rs. 1,17,718 and Optima CX 2.0 Rs. 1,42,420 both on-road prices in Bangalore.

The Optima CX provides a riding range of 89 km on a single charge with a top speed of 48 km/ph, powered by a 1200 W motor. It ensures a lightweight and manageable ride.

The scooter features both front and rear drum brakes, providing a combined braking system for enhanced safety.

The scooter’s sleek design, halogen headlight, and comfortable seat make it a practical choice for urban commuting. Hero Electric Optima CX stands out for its affordability and utilitarian build.

Simple Energy One Top Speed, Range, and Price

Simple Energy One
Simple Energy One

The Bengaluru-based EV startup Simple Energy One electric scooter Price in India at Rs. 1,59,245 on-road. The scooter can be purchased with or without the charger, with prices set at Rs. 1,58,000 and Rs. 1,45,000 respectively (ex-showroom, Bengaluru).

The scooter is available in a single variant with 6 color options. Powered by a 4.5 kW motor, the Simple Energy One top speed of 105 km/ph and a range is 212 km per charge. The scooter comes with a removable battery.

The Simple One generates 4500 W power from its motor. The scooters have both front and rear disc brakes for a combined braking system.

The design is both stylish and aspirational, with LED illumination and a seven-inch TFT touchscreen offering features like Bluetooth connectivity, calls and music control, navigation, and OTA updates.

The scooter stands out for its excellent seating ergonomics, impressive acceleration, and ample floorboard space. The Simple One is a promising addition to the electric scooter market, offering a blend of style, performance, and practicality.

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VOOMi S1 Top Speed, Range, and Price


The iVOOMi S1 electric scooter is available in three variants, S1 80, S1 Standard, and S1 240.

The S1 80 variant provides a range of 80 km and a top speed of 55 km/ph, powered by a 1500 W motor. Its specs are front disc and rear drum brakes with an electronically assisted braking system, and on-road prices in Bangalore are Rs. 77,348.

The S1 Standard variant extends the riding range to 115 km and the top speed to 60 km/ph. The S1 80, Rs. 91,750 in India.

The S1 240 variant stands out with an impressive mileage of 240 km at a top speed of 55 km/ph. iVOOMi S1 240 Price Rs. 1,31,417.

The scooter futuristic design, LED headlight, and practical elements like a cubby holder and a single-piece seat. It comes with a three-year battery warranty and offers an affordable and practical option in the electric scooter market.

BGauss C12i Top Speed, Range, and Price

BGauss C12i
BGauss C12i

The BGauss C12i electric scooter is available in two variants, EX and Max, priced at Rs. 1,10,730 and Rs. 1,31,935 (on-road Bangalore).

It offers an 85 km riding range, a top speed of 60 km/ph, and a 4.30-hour charging time. The scooter features a 1500 W motor, digital LCD, two ride modes, and safety elements like CBS and a side-stand sensor. With a simple yet functional design, it includes storage at the front apron, a 23-litre under-seat capacity, and a USB charging port.

Available in six colors, the C12i provides a practical and feature-rich electric scooter option.

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What is the top speed of Hero Vida V1 Pro?

The top speed of Hero Vida V1 Pro is 80 km/ph

What is the riding range of BGauss C12i Max

BGauss C12i Max Range 135 km on a single charge.

Does Any Electric Scooter Have a Removable Battery?

Yes, there are lots of Electric Scooters With Removable Batteries. I suggest 7 Best e-scooters, Hero Vida V1 Pro, Okinawa i-Praise Plus, Bounce Infinity E1, Hero Electric Optima CX, Simple Energy One, iVOOMi S1, and BGauss C12i


Overall, this scooter has many features and is an Electric Scooter With a Removable Battery. The price of the scooters is under Rs. 1. 5 lakh and you will get some scooters under Rs 1 lakh.

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