Does Electric Scooter Require Driving License in India (RTO EV Rules)

Electric vehicles are becoming very popular in India right now and meanwhile, there are some electric scooter without driving licence or registration you can use. You will get all the information about them in this post.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, electric vehicles that generate power of less than 250 watts and the scooter’s top speed should be less than 25 kilometers. There is no need for them to get a driving license as per RTO rules.

Can I Need To Register My Electric Vehicles?

For those who own e-scooters of more than 250 watts or a top speed of more than 25 mph, they must get their driving license and also get vehicles registered with the RTO. In the future, they will not have any problems if they follow all these problems.

Is electric scooter insurance necessary?

As per RTO rules, if you have an electric vehicle whose power is less than 250 watts, then you don’t need to take insurance, but I want to give you a personal suggestion that you must take insurance. If any issues come to you in the future, the insurance company will give you some amount and your problem will be solved.

Age Limit for Electric Scooter in India

It is not that there is no age restriction for electric scooters. It is stated in the Indian Act 1988 that only people above 16 years of age can drive electric scooters and there are some requirements for that too. If the speed is high then you must have a driving license. Will have to be made and RTO roles will also have to be followed.

Does Electric Scooter Require Helmet in India

According to Indian law, there is a rule to wear a helmet, but if you have an electric vehicle, then you don’t need to wear a helmet, but there is a suggestion for your safety. You must wear a helmet and take full care of your safety.

15 Best Electric Scooter Without Driving Licence in India

I am going to give you information about 15 e-scooters that you can drive in India without a driving license and RTO registration and you will not face any problems regarding RTO rules.

I will also tell you the price of this 15 Electric Scooter without a license price which may vary slightly from state to state.

E-Scooter ListPrice
Hero Electric Optima E5₹ 66,551
Hero Electric Optima₹ 51,571
Okinawa R30₹ 61,998
Okinawa Lite₹ 74,988
Hero Electric Flash₹ 59,640
Ampere Reo Elite₹ 42,999
Lohia Oma Star Li₹ 51,750
EeVe Xeniaa₹ 79,999
EeVe 4U₹ 70,500
Techo Electra Emerge₹ 68,286
Hop Electric LEO₹ 84,360
Kinetic Green Zing₹ 71,990
Gemopai Miso Electric₹ 44,000
Jaunty Pro₹ 74,078
Detel EV₹ 46,999
Techo Electra Emerge
Techo Electra Emerge

These are all the scooters that you can drive in India without a driving license. If you want to know the information about these scooters then click on this link, and you will get the information.


Is License Required For Electric Scooter in India

If you want to buy an e-scooter with a speed of less than 25 kilometers per hour, then you do not need to get a driver’s license nor will you get it registered in the RTO. You read our entire post, you will get all the information about RTO rules.

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