Top 5 Electric scooter Without License Under 50,000

I am sharing with you information about Electric Scooter Without License Under 50000 in India. According to the government’s vehicle rules, if the top speed of the scooter is 25 km/h then people above 13 years of age can drive without a driving license, and no traffic police officer will catch them.

I am going to suggest 5 electric scooters whose price is less than Rs 50000, and all these scooters come with many good features, you can drive them without a license in India. If you like this post then please comment.

Electric scooters Without License in India Under 50,000

Electric ScooterPrice
Techo Electra Neo₹41,919
Accelero R14 Lead Acid₹49,731
Yo Edge₹49,000
Evolet Polo49,699
Deltic Drixx₹58,490

15 Best Electric Scooters Without License in India

Techo Electra Neo

Techo Electra Neo Review
Techo Electra Neo Review

Techo Electra Neo, an affordable electric scooter, has entered the market with three models Emerge, Neo, and Raptor. An electric scooter Without a License Under ₹41,919, the Neo offers a top speed of 25 km/h and a mileage of 80 kilometers on a single charge.

The scooter features a lead acid battery with a 12V 20Ah capacity, offering 5-6 hours of charging time and a 2-year warranty. Additional features include a USB charging port, a digital speedometer, and four color options.

The Techo Electra Neo boasts a comprehensive lighting system, including a headlight, tail light, LED, and passing lights. Available in four colors Red, Black, Green, and White, the scooter features front and rear drum brakes, along with 10-inch tubeless tires and alloy wheels for enhanced performance and style.

Accelero R14 Lead Acid

Simple Energy One

The Accelero R14 Lead Acid Electric scooter Without a License under 49,731 and features cruise control, ensuring a steady speed. Its double-seat electric body type offers a sleek and eco-friendly design.

Starting is convenient with the push-button start, and riders benefit from a digital speedometer and trip meter. The bike boasts a 12-degree gradability, making it versatile on different terrains. Passenger comfort is considered with a backrest.

Powered by a hub motor and running on electric fuel, it employs a disc front and drum rear brake system for reliable stopping power. The tubeless tires on alloy wheels (10 sizes) contribute to a smooth ride. With a claimed range of 180 km per charge and top Speed of scooter 25km/h.

The bike’s BLDC motor and lead-acid battery (1.92 Kwh) deliver efficiency. Additional features include a Sine Wave controller, LED turn signal lamps, and a charging time of 6-8 hours, making it a practical and sustainable choice.

Ozone Mitra Electric Scooter Review

Yo Edge Electric scooter

The Yo Edge, an electric scooter by Yo Bikes, offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for short-distance commuting. Electric scooter Without License Under Rs. 49,000. This scooter is available in five vibrant colors. Boasting a top speed of 25 km and a range of 60 km, the Edge is equipped with a 250 W brushless DC motor.

The scooter comes in two battery options lithium-ion and lead-acid. While the lead-acid variant requires 7-8 hours for a full charge, the lithium-ion version charges faster in 3-4 hours. The steel tube frame, suspended by telescopic forks and dual springs, provides stability. Front disc and rear drum brakes ensure effective stopping power.

Notable features include an LED headlamp, digital console, three-in-one lock system, keyless start, reverse mode, and a mobile charging socket. Competing with models like the Hero Electric Optima and BGauss A2, the Yo Edge caters to urban commuters seeking an efficient and stylish electric ride.

Evolet Polo Electric Scooter without License

Bounce Infinity S1

The Evolet Polo, an e-scooter, blends modern Italian design with practicality for daily short-distance travel. Tailored for urban commuters, it boasts easy maneuverability and covers up to 60 km on a single battery charge, reaching a top speed of 25 km.

The Polo comes in two variants: Polo EZ and Polo Classic. The former is equipped with a 48V/24Ah VRLA battery, while the latter features a 48V/24Ah Lithium-ion battery.

Evolet provides the Polo with a standard lithium-ion battery, but for those seeking more economical options, a lead-acid battery is also available.

Weighing in at 76 kg, this e-scooter ensures a comfortable ride with a seat height of 760 mm. With a quick 3-4 hours charging time, a range of 90 km, and a rated power of 250 W, the Evolet Polo caters to the needs of modern, eco-conscious commuters.

Deltic Drixx Electric scooter Under 60,000

Deltic DRIXX
Deltic DRIXX

Deltic offers four electric scooters under 60000 models: Deltic Drixx, Deltic Legion, Deltic Tren, and Deltic ZGS. The Deltic Drixx electric scooter price is Rs. 58,490 and boasts a range of 70-100 km per charge with a 1.58 kWh battery. Charging takes 4-5 hours, and it reaches a top speed of 25 km/hr.

Special variants: Deltic Drixx Lead Find My Scooter, Mobile Charging USB Port, Central Locking with Anti-Theft Alarm, Reverse Mode Switch, Self-starting mechanism. The Scooter Comes with both a Combi Brake System and a digital Speedometer. 3-year battery warranty.

Electric Scooter Under 50,000 to 60 000


Electric scooter Without License Under 50000

I will tell you 5 electric scooters that you can ride without a license in India. Techo Electra Neo, Accelero R14 Lead Acid, Yo Edge, Evolet Polo, and Deltic Drixx

Electric scooter Under 50000

Accelero R14 Lead Acid, Yo Edge, Evolet Polo, Techo Electra Neo, and Deltic Drixx


The electric scooter market presents diverse options for eco-conscious commuters. The Techo Electra Neo stands out for its affordability, reaching speeds of 25 km/h and an 80 km range. As the industry evolves, these options cater to different needs, providing sustainable and practical solutions for urban mobility.

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