Epluto 7G Electric Scooter Specifications, Range, Top Speed, Battery, and Price

The Epluto 7G Electric Scooter is becoming very popular in India and we get to see many good specifications and features. The scooter comes in two variants Epluto 7G and Epluto 7G Pro.

This electric scooter is available in 9 colors. Its motor is 1500W power. The scooter has a disc brake in the front and a drum in the back. This scooter is manufactured in Hyderabad. This brand also makes Lithium-ion batteries.

The scooter’s top speed is 60kmph and the scooter’s 110km range on a single charge. The design of the scooter is around the New Bajaj Chetak model. The scooter features LED headlamps and a smart lock. There are many other good features of the scooter. You will get to know about them in this post.

The price of the scooter varies from state to state and if you live in Bengaluru, the price of the scooter will be Rs. 93,768 from the ex-showroom, Electric scooters are under 80,000 in India. If you like the post then please comment.

Epluto 7G Electric Scooter
Epluto 7G Electric Scooter

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Epluto 7G Electric Scooter Review

ModelEpluto 7G, Epluto 7G Pro
ColorRuby Red, Shadow Black, Electron Blue,
Active Grey, Pearly White, Stripling Yellow,
Matte Black, White, Grey
Motor Power1500W
BrakesFront Disc, Rear Drum
Top Speed60kmph
Range per Charge110 km
Battery Warranty40000 km or 3 Years
Weight79 kg
Load Capacity180 kg
FeaturesSmart Lock, Instrument Console
Digital Anti-Theft, Speedometer
Tripmeter Odometer
LightsLED Headlight, Tail Light
Turn Signal Lamps
Low Battery Indicator
PriceRs. 93,768 (Ex-showroom)
Acceleration0 to 40 in 5 seconds
Mileage90-120 km per charge
Wheel TypeAlloy, Tubeless

Epluto 7G Scooter Online Booking

You can also book this scooter online, I am giving you the link, by clicking there you have to fill in your basic details and click on booking after that the customer will contact you.

Epluto Electric Scooter Colors

This scooter has been launched in 9 colors  Ruby Red, Shadow Black, Electron Blue, Active Grey, Pearly White, Stripling Yellow, Matte Black, White, and Grey. The most selling colors in it are black, white and yellow.

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Epluto 7G Electric Scooter Top Speed

Epluto Scooter has a 7g generator, 1500 watt power from its motor and, for this reason, this scooter can have a top speed of 60 Kmph, and accelerates from 0 to 40 in 5 seconds, which is the highest among many electric scooters launched recently, making your ride fast and easy.

Epluto Electric Scooter Mileage

The electric scooter features a BLDC motor with a continuous power of 1500W driven by a hub motor. The claimed range on a single charge is 110 km, making it a powerful and efficient mode of transportation.

Epluto 7G Electric Scooter Battery

The Epluto Electric Scooter is equipped with a 60V 2.5kWh portable battery, and the battery warranty covers either 40000 kilometers or 3 years, whichever comes earlier. The Epluto 7G electric scooter battery Price is Rs 30680 + GST.

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The electric scooter boasts a reliable braking system with a front disc and rear drum brakes. It rides on alloy wheels, featuring a front tire size of 10 inches, both tubeless for enhanced performance and safety.


There are many features available in the scooter, such as it can make your riding better and these are some of the features. Instrument Console, DigitalAnti Theft, Alarm, Speedometer, Digital Tripmeter, Digital Odometer.

Additional Features: Variant Anti-theft Smart Lock, Battery Casing, Metallic, NMC, Ultra Performance, Twist Throttle, Reflector, Left and Right Blinkers, Ladies Footrest. All these features are available in this electric scooter.

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The e-scooter has efficient LED lighting, including a bright LED headlight, tail light, and turn signal lamps. It also features a low battery indicator for added convenience.

Dimensions and Capacity

Scooter weight of 79 kg, this scooter offers a substantial load-carrying capacity of 180 kg. It also provides additional storage for added convenience.

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Epluto 7G Scooter Price

The price of Epluto 7G is ₹ 93,795 and the price of Epluto 7G Pro ₹ 1,04000. Some little differences are seen in both these electric scooters.

Epluto 7G Scooter Top Speed and Range

If we talk about the top speed of the scooter then we can see a top speed of 60 km in the scooter and the mileage it gets is 120 km the company claims.

Epluto 7G electric scooter battery price

Epluto 7G scooter battery price is Rs 30680 + GST


This scooter has a lot of good features and specifications, a top speed of 60 kilometers, and a mileage is 120 kilometers, which it gives you on a single charge. It has been launched in the variants Epluto 7G and 7G Pro and both the scooters are priced up to Rs 120000, now available in the market.

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