Alish Oreva Electric Scooter Battery, Mileage, Top Speed, and Full Specifications

The Alish J50 Oreva Electric Scooter has a Lithium battery which takes just 4 hours to be fully charged, which is very good for a user. It has become a trusted brand now. Those people who want to purchase the scooter.

The top speed is 40 km and its range is 80 km, which is very good for users. The scooter will be available in five colors – White, Black, Blue, Silver, and Red.

The company assures that provided with a smooth, comfortable ride and safety will be taken full care of. The DC brushless motor will do direct transmission to provide a good performance.

Oreva scooter Display
Oreva scooter Display

Oreva Electric Scooter Price

Electric Scooter comes with a stylish eye-catching efficient design special features also come in the e-scooter and the price is around 45,000 to ₹ 60,000.

Oreva Electric Scooter Battery Price

The battery of Scooter Oreva is Lithium worth ₹ 20,800. It comes with 48 volts and 24Ah. We will also get 3 years warranty on this battery and it will be Made in India. If you want to buy this battery then you can buy it from Indiamart.

Oreva Scooter Key and Dicky
Oreva Scooter Key and Dicky

Oreva Electric Scooter Review

  • Description of the Traction Motor:
    • Type: DC Brushless Motor
    • Transmission Arrangement: Direct
    • Test Voltage: 48V
    • Max. 30min. Motor Power: 500Watt
  • Vehicle Type:
    • Max. Design Speed: 35-40km/hr
    • Max. Power: 500Watt
    • Type of 2W Electric Vehicle: Without Pedal
  • Weights:
    • Vehicle Kerb Weight: 75kg
    • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight: 65kg
    • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (without Battery): 57kg
  • Seating Capacity:
    • Maximum Capacity (including driver): Two persons
  • Vehicle Dimensions:
    • Length: 1820mm
    • Width: 685mm
    • Height: 1150mm
  • Tires:
    • Tire Type: Cross Ply, 16″*3.0″ with Tube, 4 Ply
    • Dynamic Rolling Radius: 450mm
    • Inflation Pressure (Front): 30 PSI
    • Inflation Pressure (Rear): 35 PSI
    • Inflation Pressure: 45 PSI
    • Make of Tire & Country of Origin: Ralson-India
    • Material Tube and Tire: Nylon
  • Braking System:
    • Type: Shoe
    • Front: Drum, Brake Dia 110mm
    • Rear: Drum, Brake Dia 110mm
  • Description of the Battery:
    • Voltage: 48V
    • Capacity: 24Ah
    • Kind of Electrochemical Process: Not specified
  • Chassis Frame:
    • Chassis No of Bike: Not specified
    • Type: Combination (Monocoque/Tubular)
    • Location of Motor: Rear
    • Chassis Color: Black
    • Side/Main Stand Color: Black
  • Power Controller:
    • Type: Closed Loop
    • Brake Type: E-ABS
    • Running Motor Current: 12 Amp
    • Rated Voltage: 48V
    • Under Protection Voltage: 42V
    • Power: 500W
    • Type: BLDC Controller
    • Model No: OCO-107D
    • Maximum Power: 0.50kW
    • Maximum 30min Speed: 35-40km/hr

Oreva Electric Scooter Customer Care Number

If you need any information regarding scooters, you can contact the company at any time and can also do a WhatsApp chat. I am providing you with its number 99251 11545. Talk to the Care Center and solve your problem if you want to get any information, you can also contact this toll-free number 18001204445.

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This two-person electric vehicle, without pedal assistance, boasts a compact design. It is equipped with durable cross-ply tires, efficient drum brakes, and a reliable 48V battery with a capacity of 24Ah.


Oreva Electric Scooter Mileage

Mileage 80 Km per Charge.

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