V Pro Supertech Electric Scooter Without Driving License For Urban People

The Supertech electric scooter is a reputed name e-scooter market. This scooter comes with a lot of good features. The scooter is 100% environmentally – friendly and does not require any type of fuel. This scooter is available in white color.  The expected price of the scooter is 55000. You will get to know all the information in this post.

The Supertech electric scooter 7 models: V Pro, U Pro, Tiger, S Pro, Power, GT, and Active. I will share with you the information about the latest V Pro Supertech scooter.

In the Super tech scooter, we get a BLDC hub motor and the scooter has a top speed of 25 km, you can drive without a license in the India Motor Vehicle Act 1988, and the range of the scooter will be 80 to 100 km on a charge, and it takes 6 hours to get the battery full.

Super tech Electric Scooter For Urban People
Super tech Electric Scooter For Urban People

Supertech Electric Scooter Review

MotorBLDC hub motor
Top Speed25 km/h
Range80-100 km per charge
Battery OptionsLead acid or lithium-ion
BrakesFront and rear disc brakes
Contact Information095400 04600

Supertech Electric Scooter Specifications

Motor: If we are talking firstly, the performance of the scooter is quite good and in this scooter, the BLDC hub motor assures efficient power delivery.

Top Speed: The scooter’s top speed is 25 kilometers and this scooter is special for urban commuters. You will be able to ride the scooter in India without a license or registration.

Range: The range is also very good. It has a range of 80 to 100 kilometers per charge. It can be used in your daily life.

Battery: You can choose a battery option on this scooter, lead acid, or lithium-ion options for varying needs. You will get a Micro charger with an auto cut-off system for safety, and fully charging in 5–6 hours.

V Pro Scooter Key
V Pro Scooter Key

Display / Features: Digital display for speedometer accurate speed monitoring. Key Feature Central locking system for added security.

Brakes: Safety will be taken care of very well on the scooter. The disc brakes are rear and front sides for reliable stopping power. The Telescopic front suspension for a smooth ride. Rear Suspension: Double shocker system ensures stability. The load capacity of the scooter is up to 150 kg.

Super tech Scooter Tyers and Brakes
Super tech Scooter Tyers and Brakes

Tyers: This scooter comes with 12-inch tubeless tires, which provide stability and durability.

Design: Stylish and unique design sets, comfortable sitting position is a seat height of 840mm on the scooter and 170mm ground clearance for obstacle navigation.

Headlights: LED lights provide clear visibility during night rides and also backlight.

V Pro Electric Scooter Headlight and Display
V Pro Electric Scooter Headlight and Display
V Pro Scooter Backlight
V Pro Scooter Backlight

Controls: The scooter controller ensures smooth acceleration and efficient power, enhancing the overall riding experience while maintaining safety standards for the rider.

V Pro Supertech Electric Scooter Price in India

There are many electric scooters from this company, but I am also telling you about the price of the V Pro e-scooter. You will get it for a V Pro electric scooter price of around Rs 55000, and it comes with some good features.

Supertech Electric Scooter Contact Number

If you need any information or want to make a complaint, you can register your complaint by contacting this 095400 04600 and get your issue resolved.

Supertech Electric Scooter Official Website and Address

Another option to contact for service go to the Super Tech Scooter official website. The Manufacturer’s address of the company is Plot No. 150 HSIIDC Sector 16 Bahadurgarh Haryana 124507.

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Super tech Electric Scooter offers urban commuters efficient performance, safety features, and a stylish design. With a range of 80-100 km per charge, reducing carbon footprint making it nature-friendly transportation. it’s an ideal choice for daily commuting needs.

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