Ather 450 Electric Scooter Specifications Review

Ather 450 Electric Scooter

Ather 450 Electric Scooters were launched in India, with many good features. E-scooters are available in only 1 variant and 1 color. Ather 450 Apex price starts at ₹ 1,89,255 on-road in Bangalore. The Ather Scooter has an impressive riding range of 157 km, a top speed of 100 km, and a lightweight design of … Read more

Top 10 Seated Electric Scooters for Adults, Review, and Price

10 Best Seated Electric Scooter For Adults

Small electric scooters for adults can be ridden only while standing. However, now people understand that a seat is necessary to travel, and people still need the best electric scooter for heavy adults. That is why many companies have launched seated scooters for adults. I am going to tell you the Seated e-scooter information in … Read more

Jetson Omega Electric Scooter For Kids Review, Range, Speed, Battery, and Price

Jetson Omega Electric Scooter

Jetson Omega Electric Scooter can be ridden by children above 8 years of age, which will make the ride comfortable for children. The weight limit of this scooter is 132 lb, which means that even heavy kids can ride the scooter easily. The Jetson Kids electric scooter has a range of 5 miles and a … Read more

Bird Flex Electric Scooter For Adults Review, Battery, and Price

Bird Flex Electric Scooter Review

Bird Flex Electric Scooter is a very good scooter. It is designed for adults and there are many good features in the scooter that provide a comfortable, smooth ride. It is a foldable scooter and provides good durability. The best electric scooter for adults. The price of the scooter will be a bit higher. It … Read more

Joy Mihos Electric Scooter Review, Top Speed, Range, and Price

Joy Mihos Electric Scooter

Introducing the latest addition to the Joy Mihos Electric Scooter emerges as a frontrunner in innovation and performance. This scooter promises a thrilling ride. Joy Electric Scooter has many good features. The scooter gives a high-performance ride with a 130 km range, 70 km/hr top speed, and 1500W BLDC motor. The scooter comes in a … Read more