Top 10 Electric Scooter in India With Price and Full Specifications

I am going to share with you information about the top 10 electric scooters in India. these scooters are with very good features and there are some such that now you will be able to drive in India without a driving license.

All these scooters are made in India and these scooters also come with very good features some come with mobile apps, and the prices of some best electric scooters under 1 lakh and you can comment to tell us which scooter you like.

Top 10 Electric Scooters in India Without Driving License

If you want to drive an electric scooter without a driving license, then in this post 3 such electric scooters India that you will be able to drive without a license in India. The scooter’s speed is less than 25 kilometers, you can drive it with a driver’s license in India.

1) Taser Electric Scooter Review

Taser Electric Scooter Design
Taser E-Scooter Design

The Taser electric scooter is a Bengaluru-based startup. It comes with amazing features. Fast charging takes 2 hours to get full and normal charging takes 4 hours. A BLDC hub motor is available, which provides a comfortable, smooth ride.

There are 3 variants of the scooter: Taser Basic, Pro, and Urban, and a range of 70 to 170 km. The top speed of all scooters will be 50 km and the price of the scooter is ₹ 85,000 to 1.2 lakh.

  1. Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor
  2. Top Speed: 50 km
  3. Charger: 150W (4 hours for full charge)
  4. Colors: White, Black, Green, Red, Blue
  5. Price: ₹85,000 to ₹1,20,000

2) Ozone Mitra electric scooter

Ozone Mitra Electric Scooter
Ozone Mitra Electric Scooter

Fujiyama Ozone Mitra Electric Scooter from India that you will ride and earn 10000 every month. It also has many features. The scooter gets fully charged in 5 hours. Its range is 80 kilometers and its top speed is 50 km. There are many good features like an anti-thief lock, an Emergency Repair Switch, and an SBS Sensor. The scooter gets front and rear brake discs and tubeless tires.

The price of the scooter is ₹ 200000 and the company says that if you ride the scooter 300 kilometers every month, then ₹ 10000 will be credited to your bank account and, in this way, you will continue to get this amount for 3 years and the warranty of the scooter is also 3 years.

  • Material: Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Discs
  • Tires: Tubeless
  • Warranty (Battery): 3 Years
  • Motor Power: 1600W
  • Price: ₹200,000 (Return ₹190,000 within 3 years)

3) Joy Mihos Electric Scooter

Joy Mihos Electric Scooter
Joy Mihos Scooter

Joy Electric Scooter is a good scooter. The scooter has a 1500-watt BLDC motor and the scooter has a range of 130 km and top speed is 70km. The scooter comes with a very good feature that makes the ride good. It has a combi brake on both sides, rear and front.

The Scooter is available in four colors – Metallic Blue, Solid Yellow Glossy, Pearl White, and Solid Black Glossy. The scooter takes only 5 hours to fully charge and there are many features shown on the display of the scooter, such as a digital clock, speedometer, odometer, and charging time, and the price of the e-scooter is 1.49 lakh in India.

  • Range: 130 km
  • Top Speed: 70 km/hr
  • Motor: 1500W BLDC
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Lights: LED headlight, tail light, turn signal lamps
  • Price: ₹1.49 Lakh

4) Avon e Lite Electric Scooter India

Avon e Lite Electric Scooter
Avon e Lite Electric Scooter

The Avon e lite electric scooter is a budget-friendly scooter and the scooter comes with very good specifications. Ride this scooter in India without a driving license. You will not need any registration. There are 5 variants in the Avon E, Plus, Lite, Mate, and Star.

The top speed is 24 km and the range is 50 km on a single charge, which makes your ride smooth. Both sides of the scooter get drum brakes and tube tyers. The price of the base variant of the scooter is ₹ 29,000 in India.

  • Range Single Charge: 50 km
  • Top Speed: 24 km/hr
  • Motor Power: 232
  • Motor Type: BLDC
  • Brakes: Drum
  • Price Start: ₹29,000

5) Ather 450 Electric Scooter

Ather 450 Electric Scooter
Ather 450 Apex Electric Scooter

Ather 450 is a powerful scooter. The riding range of the scooter is 157 kilometers per charge and the top of the scooter is 100 km. This scooter has a 7000-watt power motor and the scooter takes 4–5 hours for a full battery to be charged.

The scooter has front and rear disc brakes, ensuring a smooth ride. The company gives a warranty of 5 years on the scooter, or you can ride it for 60,000 km. The 0 to 40 accelerates in just 3.3 seconds. Ather 450 electric scooter price starts at ₹1,89,255 on-road in Bangalore.

  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours
  • Range: 157 km
  • Top Speed: 100 km/hr
  • Battery Warranty: 5 Years or 60,000 km
  • Price: ₹1,89,255

6) Eox E1 Electric Scooter

Eox E1 Electric Scooter
Eox E Scooter

The Eox E1 Electric Scooter has been launched with the best specifications. The range of the scooter is 80 km to 100 km and this scooter can now be driven in India without RTO permission because its top speed is 24 km.

The scooter takes 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged. The Scooter is available in four colors: red, and black. Blue and White. The e-scooter has a 1-year warranty and the price of the scooter is ₹ 72,999.

  • Motor: 250W BLDC (Waterproof)
  • Range: 80-100 km per charge
  • Speed: 25 km/hr
  • Brake System: Front Disc, Rear Drum
  • Colors: Red, Black, White, Blue
  • Special Features: Lockable, Rechargeable, Break Resistant, Water Resistant
  • Price: ₹72,999 on Amazon.

7) V Pro Supertech Electric Scooter

Super tech Electric Scooter For Urban People
Super tech Electric Scooter For Urban People

V Pro Supertech electric scooter has seven models: V Pro, U Pro, Tiger, S Pro, Power, GT, and Active. The scooter comes with very good features. In the Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the minimum speed of a scooter is 25 km, so you will be able to drive it in India without a license. The price of the scooter in India is ₹55000

The range of this scooter is 100 kilometers on a single charge. The scooter takes a full battery of 6 hours to charge. Suspension telescopic front suspension, and double shocker rear suspension, and Load Capacity: Up to 150 kg. We get to see many features, like a Digital speedometer display, and a central locking system.

  • Motor: BLDC hub motor
  • Top Speed: 25 km/h
  • Range: 80-100 km
  • Battery Options: Lead acid or lithium-ion
  • Charging Time: 5-6 hours
  • Headlights: LED lights
  • Price: ₹ 55,000

8) Mac Electric Scooter

Mac Electric Scooter
Mac Electric Scooter

The Mac electric scooter is becoming very popular in India right now. There are four variants of the scooter Mac E-Scooter Prime Lead Acid, Mac E-Scooter Prime Plus Lead Acid, Mac Prime Lithium, and Mac Prime Plus Lithium. The price of the scooter will be under 55000. The price of this scooter starts at 45000.

The range of the scooter is 50 kilometers on a single charge and its top speed is 25 km. The scooter’s key features are also very good, such as a central locking anti-thief alarm.

  • Motor: 250W BLDC
  • Range: 60-70km per charge
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • Top Speed: 25 km/h
  • Warranty: 3 years for battery and motor
  • Price: ₹ 45,000 to 55,000

9) Simple Dot One Electric Scooter India

Simple Energy One
Simple Energy One

Simple Dot One Electric Scooter is new in the market and we get a very 8500-watt powerful motor in the scooter. This scooter gives a range of 212 kilometers on a single charge and its top speed is 105 kilometers which is the highest in the e-scooter. The price of the scooter in India is between Rs 1.4 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh.

The scooter is available in five colors NAMMA RED, AZURE BLUE, GRACE WHITE, BRAZEN X, and LIGHT X. It has some special features display, and Google map. You can control the scooter from a mobile. It takes only 5-6 hours to get fully charged and achieves 0 to 40 km speed in 2.77 seconds.

  • Range: 212 km/charge
  • Top Speed: 105 km/hr
  • Acceleration: 0-40 km/hr in 2.77 seconds
  • Charging Time: 5 hours 54 minutes
  • Price: 1.5 Lakh

10) Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter India

Bajaj Chetak Scooter advanced technology scooter in India that provides a good ride experience in a scooter. For the scooter, we get a range of 108 kilometers, and a top speed is 63 Km. The scooter takes 3.5 to 5 hours to fully charge, it has 4200 watts a powerful motor with tubeless tires, and disc breaks on both sides.

This Bajaj scooter comes with a mobile app through which you can monitor the scooter and the starting price of the scooter is ₹ 1,20,000, it may vary from state to state. The company provides a 3-year warranty.

  • Range: 108 km/charge
  • Top Speed: 63 km/h
  • Brakes: Front Disc, Rear Drum
  • Warranty: 3 years or 50,000 km
  • Price: ₹ 1.2 Lakh


These best electric scooters in India offer diverse features and specifications for different needs. With the powerful performance of all e-scooters. Prices range from budget-friendly options to higher-end models. These are the best scooters for urban and ruler people.


Top 5 Electric Scooters in India

Taser, Ozone Mitra, Joy Mihos, Avon e Lite, and Ather 450 Electric Scooter

Name of Top 10 Electric Scooters in India

Taser Electric
Ozone Mitra
Avon e Lite
Ather 450
Eox E1
V Pro Supertech
Simple Dot One
Bajaj Chetak

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