Why is My Jetson Electric Scooter Not Working

When you buy an electric motor scooter, you have to face many disadvantages and in this post, I will tell you some of the problems that every customer of Jetson Electric Scooter faces at some time or other. Mostly the problem is not starting and some other problems. I will tell you some steps by which you can solve your problem.

Why is My Jetson Electric Scooter Not Started

If your Jetson electric scooter is not starting, then, first, you should check the battery connection of the scooter, whether the scooter is charged, and whether the motor is in proper working condition or not. You have to check all this process, and you also have to check that your scooter is not in a locked position. After that, if your scooter is not working, then you have to go to the official website and write your query, and you will get it at some time.

Panel Functions Control

Jetson Scooter Buttons and Controls
Jetson Scooter Buttons and Controls

You should know the main functions of the scooter, and which buttons can be used to activate which features. It is possible that if you have done something, and you are not aware of it, it will stop you from moving. You should read the user manual carefully because you should be able to do it well. You should never have to face such an issue.

Wiring Fault

Jetson Electric Scooter Wiring
Jetson Electric Scooter Wiring

A wiring fault can cause the electric scooter not working and it can also stop the scooter from working. Due to this, it is necessary to make sure that the wiring of your scooter is correct.

Battery Issue

One of the biggest problems is that of the battery. If your Jetson electric scooter is not working, then the battery is not properly charged, water has gone into the battery, and there could be other such faults. Then, firstly, you should check the battery. Whether the battery is being charged or not is the most important if your scooter is not running.

Motor Fault

One problem would be the motor scooter. If the motor is not functioning then your scooter will not work. You should check that the motor is not damaged from anywhere and whether your motor is working with power generated or not. You should know all these things.

Jetson Electric Scooter Not Charging

Jetson Electric Scooter Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure compatibility between the charger and the Jetson product.
  2. Test outlet with other devices.
  3. Check the charger indicator light per the manual.
  4. Plug the charger into the outlet; a blue/green light should appear.
  5. Attach the product; the light should turn red.
  6. If the light malfunctions, consider a new charger. If not, the product may be faulty.

How To Use Jetson Electric Scooter

First, unbox the scooter, after that, adjust its handlebar and tighten it with the screw. You will get three modes on the scooter, which you can change with a single press button. button press the headlights. There is a brake on the scooter which makes your ride safe, and you can charge exactly at the bottom of the scooter.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Jetson Scooter

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How To Fold Jetson Electric Scooter

Press the lever down the deck, raise the handlebar to unfold the scooter, or lower it to fold until it clicks into place, indicating it’s locked.

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